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About Our Ash Scattering Memorial Services

Marin Memorial Services offers a private ash scattering memorial at sea aboard a beautiful 43' US Coast Guard certified/inspected vessel. Scroll down to see further pictures of our boat.

A standard service takes about an hour and a half. We depart from Sausalito and travel into the ocean just past the Golden Gate Bridge. There, the Marin Headlands offer shelter from the wind in a private setting.

The service usually involves making 3 circles:

During the first circle the loved ones release flowers into the water.

We then circle again through those flowers and the deckhand will advise of the appropriate time to deposit the ashes.

The third circle provides an opportunity for placing additional flowers and for remembrances and prayers.

Unattended Ash Scattering Services

For those who are unable to travel to the Bay Area or who are looking for a more economical option, we offer unattended ash scattering services. Find out more...

How to Personalize Your Memorial Service

We are happy to personalize each service according to the wishes of the deceased and the families involved.

This might include:
* Inclusion of a priest, minister or other clergy
* Music that the deceased especially enjoyed (you bring the CDs)
* Rose petals or cut flowers to release into the water

These are just a few examples - we will try our best to accommodate anything else that you might have in mind - it's your event!

Bay Tour Option

You may wish to extend your event by adding a BAY TOUR to the memorial. This will allow time for a relaxed meal. Your tour might include the San Francisco waterfront, Alcatraz, Angel Island, the Bay Bridge, AT&T Park or other points of interest.

You may also bring party trays or great meals from the nearby gourmet grocery store, Mollie Stones (at 100 Harbor Drive, Sausalito). They offer excellent catering/take out options at reasonable prices.

The additional cost for a Bay Tour is $300 per hour.

A one-hour tour might include a tour of the San Francisco waterfront, Alcatraz, and Angel Island. The calm waters behind Angel Island make an excellent location for a picnic.

An extended tour might include touring the San Francisco waterfront, cruising past Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge to AT&T Park, a picnic behind Angel Island and other attractions of your choice.

Schedule Your Memorial

Call (415) 458-8700 with any questions you may have, to check availability, or make reservations.

We look forward to providing a meaningful, dignified service for you!


Ash Scattering Locations near San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay

By the Golden Gate Bridge

Kirby Cove,
a quiet cove by the Golden Gate Bridge

Just beyond the Golden Gate Bridge

view of the bridge from Kirby Cove

For an ocean setting, our most typical ash scattering location is just past the Golden Gate Bridge in a quiet cove by the Marin Headlands in a private setting.

A nice bay setting is in the calm water behind Angel Island.

In front of the San Francisco Skyline

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a private service?
Yes, other than the Captain and the deckhand, it is completely private.

How many people may be seated comfortably?
There are 3 seating areas aboard the boat.

The inside cabin has seating for 15 people:

  inside seating

Outside, a semi-enclosed area under the canopy has seating for 6. There is additional seating for 8 more people on the open back deck. There are also numerous handrails positioned conveniently throughout the vessel.

outside seating   outside seating

Who performs the actual ash scattering?  Will the Captain or the deckhand disperse the ashes?

Usually the surviving spouse or closest family member/head of household will disburse the ashes. The deckhand will open the container so that the ashes are accessible/available.

handrails  burial at sea san francisco

Will the ashes blow back onto the boat?
The Captain will position the boat so that the ashes can be dispersed with the wind so that they will blow away from the boat.

Do you provide the services of a minister, priest or other clergy?
We do not, but we are pleased to recommend the services of Charles Luchessa (phone number 415-935-9115, cell 530-615-1501, e-mail: Charles Luchessa has experience facilitating ash scatterings on board the Blue Runner and charges between $150-$200 for an ash scattering service.

A few words from Charles Luchessa on ash scatterings: "Ash Scatterings are an opportunity to celebrate the life of the person whose ashes are being scattered and to reflect on the impact they have made to their individual lives.

My service is to act as a guide in the process of experiencing the immortality of the person’s spirit. Depending on the religious beliefs of the family members I may read some bible verses or a special poem applicable to the situation. Other members of the group will be invited to read an obituary or share special stories of the life of the person."

Do you provide flowers?
No. Two recommended nearby florists are: Nancy Ann Flowers(1505 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA Tel: (415) 332-6272‎) and Lady Bug (1303 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA Tel: (415) 332-2414).

Rose petals are often available and scattered rose petals make for a nice setting.

flowers for ash scattering  flowers ash scattering burial at sea san francisco

Will I get seasick?
We have never had anyone get seasick on an ash scattering as we usually do not encounter ocean swell conditions. However, there are over-the-counter medications available at your local pharmacy if you feel you may be especially susceptible to seasickness.

Is it possible for physically impaired people to access the dock?

We assist all passengers on and off the boat. It does require the ability to climb a few stairs up and a few stairs down into the boat.

  boat stairs

Can I bring food and/or drinks aboard?
A standard service usually takes 1½ hours - ½ hour out, ½ hour service, ½ hour back. There is time before or after the service for a glass of wine or a beer, but not for food. If you choose to extend your service with a Bay Tour, you may want to bring a picnic to enjoy after the service.

Are there any other activities we should consider?
You might wish to make this a memorable occasion by adding a Bay Tour to your event. An extra 1-2 hours on the boat will allow your party to take a private cruise by the San Francisco waterfront, Alcatraz, and to travel around Angel Island. The calm waters behind Angel Island make it an ideal location for a picnic. The nearby gourmet grocery store, Mollie Stones (100 Harbor Drive, Sausalito, CA Tel:(415) 331-6900) offers excellent catering/take out options at reasonable prices. The additional cost for a Bay Tour is $300 per hour. Click here to find out more about the Bay Tour option.

How should I dress?
Comfortable flat shoes are a must. No high heels.  Dress warmly and in layers.

Is there a bathroom on board?
Yes we call it a marine head and it is very clean.

What is required to make a reservation?
Most often people schedule the scattering after determining when they can get all parties together. So after speaking with the relatives/friends involved, select a couple of date options, then call us at (415) 458-8700 to reserve the event with a Visa or Mastercard. The credit card won’t be charged unless you either don’t show up or don’t cancel at least 72 hours prior to the event. On the day of the event you may pay either with cash or with the credit card used to secure the reservation.

What are the directions to your boat?
Our boat is called the Blue Runner and is located at Clipper Yacht Harbor in Sausalito.

Please print out a copy of the location page from the website for each vehicle in your party, and call 415-458-8700 with any questions.

If you use a GPS device, use this address:
350 Harbor Drive,
Sausalito, CA  94965

Is there parking close to the vessel?
Yes, we are located right next to 4 acres of free and secure parking. When you enter the lot, park to the left. We are the closest dock to Fish restaurant. Look for the model sailboat next to the two disabled parking spots. You can drop your party off at the top of the dock and it’s only about 150 feet from the ramp to the boat (on the right side of the dock).

Are there any additional hidden expenses?
The only additional charge would be if you wish to scatter additional ashes:
$100 per additional person
$25 per pet

If the deckhand does a good job, PLEASE tip him.