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Scatter your loved one's ashes at sea in the calm waters of San Francisco past the Golden Gate Bridge.

Marin Memorial Services offers a dignified, affordable ash scattering service and memorial at sea ceremony aboard a luxurious 43’ boat on the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean.

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Ash Scattering at Sea Services in the San Francisco Bay

Marin Memorial Services offers dignified, affordable ash scattering at sea services in the San Francisco Bay on a private boat, for as little as $450. The San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean are often locations with special meaning for the deceased and family where they can release ashes into the sea. Marin Memorial Services offers ash spreading ceremonies and funerals in the Bay Area California on a private charter boat. Ash scatterings in locations of your choice are also available. Find out more about our ash scattering services...

Ash Scattering Service Prices

We are proud to offer our dignified, professional ash scattering at sea services at an affordable price:

Ash Scattering at Sea Service Boat Tour

  • blue-runner

    Marin Memorial Services is run by Captain Todd, owner of the Blue Runner. The Blue Runner is a newly refurbished 43' US Coast Guard certified DELTA, commonly regarded as one of the best, most stable boats ever built with fine creature comforts and the best electronics money can buy!

  • blue-runner-front-docked

    The Blue Runner is docked at Clipper Yacht Harbor, in Sausalito, California. We offer acres of free, easy all-day parking and the boat can be accessed by physically impaired people.

  • ramp-to-blue-runner

    There is a long ramp leading from the parking lot to the boat

  • steps-to-blue-runner

    There are two steps on either side of the boat to enter and exit. Our friendly, capable crew will be standing by the entire time to assist you as you board and disembark the boat.

  • threshold-cabin

    There is a low threshold between the cabin and the outdoor seating area of the boat, which may require some assistance for physically impaired guests, but again, our crew will be standing by to assist you, as needed.

  • blue-runner-seats-in-cabin

    The Blue Runner has three seating areas for guests: inside seating for 15 people.

  • blue runner table in cabin

    The Blue Runner has three seating areas for guests: inside seating for 15 people.

  • blue-runner-seats-in-front

    Outside, a semi-enclosed area under the canopy has seating for 6. There is additional seating for 8 more people on the open back deck. There are also numerous handrails positioned conveniently throughout the vessel.

  • blue-runner-outside-seats

    Outside, a semi-enclosed area under the canopy has seating for 6. There is additional seating for 8 more people on the open back deck. There are also numerous handrails positioned conveniently throughout the vessel.

  • Leaving Sausalito

    A standard service takes about an hour and a half. We depart from Sausalito and travel into the ocean just past the Golden Gate Bridge. There, the Marin Headlands offer shelter from the wind in a private setting.

  • Bow-bridge

    A standard service takes about an hour and a half. We depart from Sausalito and travel into the ocean just past the Golden Gate Bridge. There, the Marin Headlands offer shelter from the wind in a private setting.

  • under-golden-gate

    A standard service takes about an hour and a half. We depart from Sausalito and travel into the ocean just past the Golden Gate Bridge. There, the Marin Headlands offer shelter from the wind in a private setting.

  • kirby-cove

    A standard service takes about an hour and a half. We depart from Sausalito and travel into the ocean just past the Golden Gate Bridge. There, the Marin Headlands offer shelter from the wind in a private setting.

  • flowers-on-water

    During the first circle the loved ones release flowers into the water.

  • older-relatives

    During the first circle the loved ones release flowers into the water.

  • ashes

    We then circle again through those flowers and the deckhand will advise of the appropriate time to deposit the ashes.

  • minister-and-people-on-boat

    The third circle provides an opportunity for placing additional flowers and for remembrances and prayers.

  • sf-waterfront

    You may wish to extend your event by adding a bay tour to the memorial. This will allow time for a relaxed meal. Your tour might include the San Francisco waterfront, Alcatraz, Angel Island, the Bay Bridge, AT&T Park or other points of interest.

  • Call Captain Todd at (415) 458-8700 with any questions you may have, to check availability, or make reservations.

Ash Scattering and Burial at Sea Under the Golden Gate Bridge Reviews

"I lost my husband of 31 yrs this past January, my husbands last request was for his ashes to be spread in the SF Bay. When I went looking for a charter, I came across Marin Memorial and Capt Todd. Something kept taking me back to his website. I am so glad that I choose his boat.

Capt Todd was amazing setting everything up. When we arrived they were cleaning the boat. It was Immaculate, well taken care of. The crew was great. Capt Brian and his deckhand explained the procedures, they gave me three options to where we could spread the ashes.  

The boat ride was so smooth, they were very attentive to our needs, explained to us every step we were taking. After we spread his ashes, they were so kind enough to idle in the area and gave us all the time we needed. Besides my husbands funeral this was the hardest things I've had to do, and with their help and consideration to my girls and I, it was an amazing trip.

I highly recommend Capt Todd and his crew...they are the best!!!" L.L. Yelp Review 9/14/14

"We decided to spread my brother's ashes on san francisco bay - he spent many happy years living there. I found marin memorial services on line - looked around and then kept coming back to it as our choice. I am very, very glad we did. It is a larger boat so not as much chance for sea sickness and safer as well. The rear deck of the boat is large with ample seating and good sound system where we played my brothers music.

It was simple and "Captain Todd"  and his brother were very gracious. We found a "good place" in the bay with views of the city, angel island, alcatraz and the golden gate - my brother and I spread the ashes together.

The weather cooperated and the sun broke through and burned off all the overcast for a perfect view of san francisco and the golden gate bridge. After spreading John's ashes we then took a little loop around Alcatraz - where we had spent time with him years before.

This was a very valuable part of our family getting closure - very thankful to Todd and his brother for helping us find the perfect place to put our brother to rest.

We were given a card with the exact GPS coordinates so that my brother, father and I can all be laid to rest in the same location when the time comes."
- Jeff D. Yelp Review, June 25, 2014

"Could not have gone smoother. From the arrangements made with Todd, to the actual trip with Captain Ron and Kim, we were treated with professionalism, respect and kindness. We had an aging women to board, we were assisted in getting her from the walker to the boat with relative ease. Thought the boat does dual duty as a salmon fisher, it was very clean, only evidence of it's other day job was some tackle secured in the mid cabin. Bathroom was clean and easy to access. I highly recommend them." - Robert V., San Jose, California, Yelp Review, May 6, 2014

“You took us out to sea to scatter my stepdaughter's ashes. Your service was impeccable. The day was perfect weather wise, the sea calm and the captain and mate were sensitive to all of us. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect way to scatter our loved one's ashes and honor her life. The fact we had a humpback whale perform for us created absolute magic. None of us will ever forget the 2 hours we spent on Blue Runner. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - Pat M.

"I chose Marin Memorial Services to scatter the ashes of my parents. The "unattended ash scattering" service was perfect for my needs, as my parents called the SF Bay Area "home," whereas I live a considerable distance away. In addition, in life, my parents eschewed ceremony and had little regard for the "funeral industrial complex." Thus, the convenience, simplicity and affordability of the unattended scattering were consistent with their values and wishes. It was also respectful - which was consistent with mine. I was impressed with Marin Memorial Services' responsiveness and professionalism. Highly recommended!" - Elissa L. Google Review. California

"Dear Captain Todd couldn't have been nicer and caring!  I found his website online and was drawn by him being a small businessman and an extremely affordable cost for my dear aunt and uncle.  Although I chose not to go out personally with him, he made me feel as though I was there.  By the time I got home to Alameda, he had already taken them to the area (as I requested) and sent me 3 pictures of his ceremony.  It was so beautiful and a very spiritual experience!  I highly recommend him and will be setting this up for myself someday." - Pamela J., Alameda, California

"Wow - thank you captain Todd & brother!  They made my dad's memorial service amazing!  They told us the rules & regulations of the Coast guard & than got out of our way so we could celebrate in peace!  They were very accommodating and really enjoyed the boat trip & showed us every ounce of professionalism!" - Diego S. Seattle, Washington

"Thank you, Captain Todd. We wanted something simple, quaint and we received more than we thought we would. Captain Todd and his deckhand were attentive and kind but still gave us the privacy and space to mourn our friend. Our loss was such a tragedy and we thank you for providing some much needed closure. The value was so worth it and we were pleasantly surprised with the boat and the service. You will not be disappointed." - Stephanie D. Sacramento, California

"Captain Todd and Kim made our final goodbye to our mother and father a memorable one. Nine of us boarded the Blue Runner boat which was in pristine condition for our ride to the Golden Gate Bridge. The boat stopped in a cove for us to  spread rose petals. It then came around a second time to allow us to scatter our parents' ashes. We then took a final turn through our parents' final resting place. Todd and Kim did not hurry us and were sensitive and caring making a difficult time manageable. I would highly recommend Marin Memorial Services for anyone thinking of scattering the ashes of a loved one." -Lynne M. San Carlos, California

"When I looked into various Bay Area charter boat services for ash scattering, Marin Memorial services stood out for a few reasons:

1.  They can accommodate more passengers than many other charters (I think 15-20 max, while other services capped at 6-7).
2.  The base price for up to 7 passengers is still comparable to other charters. And, the cost per additional person was reasonable, while other charters had a flat fee for additional passengers that was double to triple the base price.
3.  Todd was very responsive and answered the phone even on a Sunday. A different charter company took 4 days to return my call.
4.  He accepts payment via credit card, which is a plus.

We took the Blue Runner boat out past the Golden Gate Bridge, in the ocean near the Marin headlands to scatter my mom's ashes. Todd was a great captain, and also was very kind and sensitive at a time like this. The boat itself was in great condition, and the ride was fairly smooth other than some large waves as we left Richardson Bay (they warned us this would happen).

We took one circle to scatter flower petals (we provided these), then one circle to scatter the ashes, and then a final memorial circle. We made it back to the dock in a little under 2 hours. The whole experience was peaceful and beautiful--exactly what I wanted.

If I am ever in a similar circumstance, I would not hesitate to hire Marin Memorial Services again." -Nina G., San Francisco, California

"The memorial for my husband on 8-17-13 was absolutely beautiful and was everything my daughter and I hoped for.  The captain and deck hand were very nice and caring and I would recommend the Blue Runner for anyone to use for memorials or fishing charters or bay tours." -Judy S., Fort Worth, Texas

"Our memorial service for our Dad was everything we had hoped for.  Captain Todd and his able deckhand conferred with us to make sure things went as we had hoped. The sound system inside the cabin was up to some rather complex classical choral service music, with reasonable clarity and volume, as well as the pop numbers we used later.  We incorporated several separate iPod playlists at different parts of our service, and they were very obliging.  The Blue Runner is spic and span, and our trip under the Golden Gate -- on a somewhat choppy day - quite an adventure; the calm of Kirby Cove was a perfect setting, and the after-party (we added an hour's cruise) just the right thing.  We had a party of eight; could have been larger, and still comfortable.  A great sendoff for our old man. Highly recommended!" -Silvia A., Oakland, California

"Our family's experience aboard the Blue Runner could not have been lovelier. The boat was immaculate, the trip perfectly choreographed, and the crew very accommodating.  Eric and Kim were sensitive to our physical and emotional needs as well as the conditions on the water; they made sure we were comfortable.  After waiting a year and a half to scatter our beloved Mom's ashes, we will now cherish the memories of letting her go free in a beautiful way on a beautiful day." Ann R., Mill Valley, California

"After researching various ash scattering services by boat, Marin Memorial services was definitely the best value for the money. The boat was clean and very nice and can accommodate up to 20+ people. The owner Todd returned calls quickly and was very helpful in the event planning.  Departure was on time and Todd and his brother in law were both professional and friendly. We were able to connect our ipod to the boat's speaker system to play music which added a wonderful touch.. The smooth circling of the boat to allow us to toss flowers into the ocean followed by the ashes went perfectly and we couldn't have asked for better way to say our goodbyes. I highly recommend Marin Memorial Service for your ash scattering needs. Thank you again Todd for making our day very special." Andrea R., Vallejo, California

"My mother-in-law had planned for years to have her ashes scattered at sea, but plans changed when she moved to be with us in central PA. A year after her death I felt strongly that we needed to get her to the San Francisco Bay. I was able to easily arrange the memorial service from where I live in Pennsylvania with Captain Todd. In contrast, I never heard back from the other company I contacted.

The boat was incredibly clean and the captain and ship's mate communicated clearly to our party of 12. He was concerned about the safety of the three children in our party and let us know how to keep them safe on the boat.

We were given choices of where we could go to release the ashes and we also chose the cove off of Marin. I'm glad we did because it was beautiful. The ship's mate anticipated some of our needs and was a real help, including taking a group picture of all of us after the service. There was no rush. We did a reading, released flower petals into the water, circled back around and released the ashes where the petals floated. Then we lingered awhile before heading back to Sausalito.

I can't recommend this boat and crew enough. They made everything about the service and boat easy so we could focus on remembering and saying Goodbye to someone we loved very much. Thank you, Gentlemen." -Alaska H., Pennsylvania

"We had a memorial for my husband on Sept. 23, 2012 aboard the Blue Runner.  I cannot say enough about the professionalism of Captain Todd Magaline and his assistant Tony. They were kind and sensitive and let us make the experience our own.  They took us well past the Golden Gate Bridge to scatter the ashes and then we returned to a spectacular tour of San Francisco Bay.  The original tour included 1-1/2 hours.  We chose the option to add an hour and we enjoyed a great tour all around Alcatraz and another all around Angel Island.  All the while, Tony was pointing out special points of interest.  We saw many beautiful boats in the Bay, tankers, and a docked submarine, a special delight for my 9 and 5 year-old grandsons.  We had a group of 15 and our event was not shared with any other families.  Our kids and grand kids were thrilled with the experience.  About half of us were born in the Bay Area and none of us had ever been outside the Golden Gate bridge on a boat.

"Captain Todd even presented me with a postcard of the Blue Runner with the date, time, and exact position of the boat where we scattered the ashes.  I cannot recommend them enough.  Thank you Todd and Tony for an amazing experience." -Kathy B., Walnut Creek, California

"My family used Marin Memorial Services for the scattering of the ashes of our parents on the Bay.  We couldn't have been more pleased with everything.  Captain Todd and his assistant Chun were friendly and very professional - from the first contact, through receiving flowers from a florist, and especially the boat trip.  The 43' boat Blue Runner was spotlessly clean, well equipped security wise, and didn't smell a bit fishy (this is also a fishing boat).  We were able to take CD's to play and a bottle of champagne to drink.  Chun was wonderful about taking photos and orchestrated the scattering of the ashes by the family with great discretion and perfect timing.  Because it was pouring when we got on the boat (there is an area that is covered and was warm - a plus on SF Bay), they had arranged for the skies to clear and a beautiful rainbow to apper across the bridge (possibly not a service that is always included)!!  The 1 1/2 hour ride was beautiful and a very memorable way of paying tribute to our parents.  5-stars all the way." -Sandra B. Morgan Hill, California